Top Beauty Services in Los Angeles | Waxing & Spray Tan

Beauty comes from within, but why not enhance it from all directions? Our curated beauty services provide long-lasting results that leave you with more time for other pursuits, while looking great doing them.

Spray Tan

$75 / $135 / $275

Face / Half Body / Full Body

All of the bronze, none of the sun damage. Your choice of shade expertly hand airbrushed.


$150 minimum

Premium wax with soothing botanicals leaves any body part smooth and silky. Minimum charge for waxing alone, or add on to any Vendome Clinique service.

Eyebrows Waxing: 15 min ($50)

Chin Waxing: 15 min ($35)

Lip Waxing: 10 min ($35)

Chest Waxing: 30 min ($75)

Full Leg Waxing: 30 min ($85)

Lower Leg or Upper Leg Waxing: 20 min ($65)

Feet & Toe Leg Waxing: 30 min ($60)

Brazilian Waxing: 45 min ($95)

Bikini Waxing: 30 min ($60)

Full Stomach Waxing: 20 min ($65)

Lower Stomach Waxing: 15 min ($35)

Underarms Waxing: 20 min ($45)

Buttocks Waxing: 45 min ($75)

Face Waxing: 30 min ($95)

Sideburns Waxing: 20 min ($45)

Neck Waxing: 20 min ($50)

Full Arm Waxing: 30 min ($65)

Half Arm Waxing: 20 min ($35)

Hand Waxing: 20 min ($45)

Shoulder Waxing: 20 min ($65)

Full Back Waxing: 30 min ($150)

Lower Back Waxing: 20 min ($75)

Upper Back Waxing: 20 min ($75)

Lash Extensions

Starting at $270

60-120 min

Time spent applying mascara is time wasted. Expertly applied by our talented Beauty Artisans, our lash extensions provide the length, thickness and effect you choose with lasting results and a comfortable feel.

Natural Classic: Individual lashes, feathery and natural.

Deluxe Classic: Same as Natural Classic but with added volume.

Natural Russian: A bouquet of lashes for each of yours.

Deluxe Russian: Same as Natural Russian but with additional volume.

Deluxe Siberian Mink: Exquisite, luxurious, 100% authentic, cruelty-free lashes crafted from mink fur collected harmlessly by lash makers as the hair falls naturally from Siberian minks.



120 min

Life is too short to wake up without flawless brows. Performed by our highly skilled Beauty Artisans, our microblading techinique provides naturally shaped yet fuller brows that are completely custom to your facial features and aesthetic preference.