Emsculpt Neo & Professional Massages in Los Angeles

How we care for our external bodies is as important as how we treat the inside. Our Wellness Body and Massage services offer relief and release from tension and stress, improved circulation and muscle function, transdermal nutrients, smoother and healthier skin, and more.

Swedish Massage

$180 / $220 / $330 / $430

45 min / 60 min / 90 min / 120 min

The original massage technique a la Vendome slowly and effectively loosens muscles, eases stress, and both relaxes and energizes the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

$180 / $220 / $330 / $430

45 min / 60 min / 90 min / 120 min

Deep pressure both with and across muscles and fascia realigns deep layers of tissue, releasing tension in the body and mind.

Aromatherapy Massage

$180 / $220 / $330 / $430

45 min / 60 min / 90 min / 120 min

Enhance either a deep tissue or Swedish massage with your choice of aromatic oils to provide customized benefits and ultimate relaxation.

Sports Massage

$230 / $340 / $440

60 min / 90 min / 120 min

A combination of modalities targets specific areas to loosen knots, improve blood flow, and prevent lactic acid build up, helping to prevent sports injuries and improve flexibility.

Vendôme Signature Massage


90 min

Completely personalized to meet your body's present needs, your therapist will expertly combine techniques to provide relief, relaxation and rejuvenation. *Includes 20 min Jetboots*

Prenatal Massage

$230 / $340

60 min / 90 min

Ease into this well-deserved treat curated for the mother-to-be, situated in your choice of comfortable positions while you are pampered with organic oils.

Hot Stone Massage

$230 / $340 / $440

60 min / 90 min / 120 min

Hot stones warm muscles on contact to allow deeper relaxation and a more therapeutic experience, ridding muscles and mind of tension and stress.

Ménage à Quatre


60 min

Two therapists, four hands, exponential relaxation. Experience this simultaneous double Swedish massage for a tactile sensation that leaves you infinitely rejuvenated.

Couples Massage

$440 / $660 / $860

60 min / 90 min / 120 min

Indulge in luxury as you melt your stress away together, side by side. Our couples massage is the perfect way to incorporate peace into your romance. Swedish and deep tissue are our standard options; however, we are happy to accommodate substitutions upon request.

Lymphatic & Drainage Massage

$260 / $360 / $460

60 min / 90 min / 120 min

With a delicate touch - this method of massage stimulates the body's lymphatic system, which allows fluids to evenly flow throughout the body. The lymphatic system relies on muscle contraction through deep breathing, exercise, and manual manipulation to distribute fluid throughout the body. Lymphatic massages utilize very light pressure with light pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes. This boosts the metabolism and immunity while aiding in toxin elimination. 

Wood Therapy is an all-natural, non-invasive treatment that uses wooden tools to stimulate lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins, and break down cellulite while shaping and contouring the targeted area. It speeds up metabolism, burns fat, tightens skin, and slims circumference. 

Foot Retreat


30 min

Treat tired feet to this express escape featuring an exfoliating scrub, soak and massage of the feet and calves.

Scrub a Sucre ou Sel


45 min

Relax and rejuvenate with our invigorating full-body scrub that exfoliates and nourishes dry, dull skin with your choice of detoxifying salt or gentle sugar. Your wellness artisan will begin your treatment with a dry body brush to enhance blood flow, then premium salt or sugar crystals combined with essential oils will be massaged onto your body. A warm shower and a skin-softening application of shea butter, minerals, and hand-selected aromas complete this head-to-toe ritual.

Organic Essential Oil Wrap


60 min

Our signature sauna wrap cocoons your body gently in moisturizing and firming essential oils as your head, neck and feet are treated to blissfully relaxing massage.

For an additional $75 charge, add the anti-inflammatory and immunity benefits of CBD, or treat your face to a mask, LED therapy, eye mask or Gua Sha massage as your body cocoons.

CBD Body Scrub


45 min

The exfoliating and purifying benefits of a mineral salt scrub are enhanced with the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and the environmental protection of antioxidants. Added relaxation from lavender essential oil makes this a comprehensive wellness experience for both body and mind.

Cryo Body Therapy

$275 / $375 / $1,100 / $1,920

30 min / 60 min / 5 sessions (30 min) / 5 sessions (60 min)

Extreme cooling device applied to targeted areas breaks up fat cells to leave silhouette smoother and tighter as pain and cellular inflammation are reduced.

LED Body Therapy


40 min

Non-invasive, soothing and gentle, LED light therapy sets in motion the body’s inherent pain-relieving process. Relax, listen to music or meditate while enjoying this warm, restorative treatment.


$185 / $990 / $1,800

45 min / 6 sessions / 12 sessions

French-made and FDA-approved, this natural, painless technology uses “roll” and “lift” suction to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

+$50 Body Suit Change 

EMSculpt NEO

$300 / $1,020 / $1,920

30 min / 4 Sessions / 8 Sessions

The new gold standard in non-invasive muscle building and fat reduction, targeting desired areas with radio and electromagnetic energy equivalent to twenty thousand muscle contractions in a thirty minute session.

Add Ons


Increase the pain-relieving, inflammation-reducing and immunity-boosting benefits of bodywork with CBD-infused oils and lotions.


Mineral Wellness Bath

Prolong the bliss after your treatment with a 30-minute soak in mineral salts that restore and replenish body and mind.

*Includes Dry Brush for Exfoliate*


Jet Boots

Achieve maximum circulation with an addition of our jet boots. These boots apply pressure safely and precisely from the feet to the heart and back again. This significantly helps relieve foot pain, leg cramps, knee pain, and restless legs syndrome.